Feb 19

UW's Biotron's terrestrial capabilities surpass labs around the country

UW's Biotron's terrestrial capabilities surpass labs around the country
Though the word “Biotron” might sound more like a Transformer than a laboratory, the research that takes place there is anything but science fiction. While the UW lab … By 2050, 75 percent of the world's population will be urban,” Karlsson said …
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White actor to play Michael Jackson in British TV comedy
Gobsmacking news out of London Wednesday: British actor Joseph Fiennes plays the late Michael Jackson in a forthcoming British TV comedy about a story involving Elizabeth Taylor and Marlon Brandowidely considered an urban myth in the USA. Fiennes, 45 …
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Beyond the horizon
The pace of this change can be bewildering. From social media to Uber, ideas move rapidly from the margins to the mainstream. What not so long ago was seen as science fiction has become science fact, either in the here and now or just over the horizon.
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Feb 15

A new place for Tamazight literature in Algeria and beyond

A new place for Tamazight literature in Algeria and beyond
Last fall, Algerian novelist Rachid Bouxerroub won the Assia Djebar prize for Best Fiction in Tamazight for his novel Tislit n'oughanim (The Bride of Reeds). The Bride of Reeds is a reference to the small puppet-like toys young girls make from little …
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Wendell Berry to receive lifetime achievement award from National Book Critics
“Set in the imaginary town of Port William, Kentucky, his fiction constitutes a cycle about themes of life in rural America. An outspoken environmentalist, organic farmer and pacifist, Berry has written about and engaged in civil disobedience against …
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Sundance 2016: six things we learned from the film festival
But money wasn't the only storyline to emerge from the Sundance fortnight. Advances in technology, films that merged documentary and fiction, and others that took on divisive topics all turned heads at Park City. Here's our rundown of what made an …
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Feb 10

Latest Urban Fiction News

5 Debut Fantasies to Look Out for in 2016
Borderline by Mishell Baker – Take a tough-talking heroine with prosthetic legs, borderline personality disorder, and a troubled past, add the combined glamour of Hollywood and faerie, and you have a rollicking urban fantasy from a promising new author …
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There's a new group opposing a more urban Bethesda
Fosler sees Bethesda's urban center, even when properly subservient, as an alien intrusion that is best kept at a distance. He outlines the strategy by which the Town …. BTW: you never supported this development – another fiction. You are the same …
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Jan 21

Latest Urban Fiction News

Young-adult fiction: What's in store for the year ahead
A girl with anger "issues" gets caught up in the disappearance of a boy who may or may not be her half-brother in Shivaun Plozza's Frankie (Penguin, April), and Scott Gardner makes a welcome return with The Way We Roll (Allen & Unwin), an urban story …
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Most Anticipated, Too: The Great 2016 Nonfiction Book Preview
Last week, we previewed 93 works of fiction due out in the first half of 2016. Today, we follow up with 45 nonfiction titles coming out in the next six months, ranging ….. a surprising source: President Lyndon Johnson's Great Society programs of the …
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Can Short Stories Still Shock?
O'Brien was skeptical of the value of plot, an enemy of commercial writing, suspicious of urban cliques, and a booster of provincial outsiders. It's strange to read of the dynamics that governed the production of short fiction at the time he began his …
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Jan 19

Latest Urban Fiction News

'Girl at Midnight' a thrilling debut
Filled with action and romance as it explores themes of loyalty, family, love and power, this work of urban fiction is likely to be enjoyed by readers of Cassandra Clare, Holly Black and Laini Taylor. Rachel Hitt is the adult services librarian at the …
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High-End 'Super Dorms' Find Home in Chicago's Loop
The demand for fancier student housing has grown as the Loop has evolved into an urban college campus, where thousands of full-time students attend classes at more than 20 colleges and universities. The new … Another Arc resident also is enthusiastic …
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Guest Post: Sorry, no Elementals in Delft for you.
The only way this terrible and completely exclusive state of affairs will change is if South African publishers begin to take Speculative Fiction (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Urban Fantasy, etc.) seriously. That means creating an imprint which …
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Jan 17

“The Committee” Selects Terry E. Hill's Black Female President

“The Committee” Selects Terry E. Hill's Black Female President
When Sunday Comes Againwas released in the summer of 2012 and made the AALBC (African American Literary Book Club) Urban Fiction Best Seller List. Hill's novels have also been featured on the Bestsellers List of Black Expressions and have been …
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Movie 'Big Short' long on fiction
The Department of Housing and Urban Development was given authority to raise the goals — and it did, aggressively. By 2008, 56 percent of all mortgages the GSEs acquired had to be made to borrowers below median income. Notably, HUD's relentlessly …
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